okay so let me tell you a thing about how nami is like the best, kindest, strongest person in the world (or you know one of them, since one piece loves itself a strong character)

like oh look here she is stabbing her own hand just to help Usopp escape a dangerous situation without getting killed, even though he’s kinda interfering with her hard-won eight years of work to buy her village back from the guy who killed her mother in front of her

and that shit is just Nami all over. she is so willing to risk her life or sacrifice her freedom for the people she loves, she will take that weight on herself and forget all about her own dreams if it means they’ll be safe. hell she’ll even risk her life for strangers who need it. just ask: her entire goddamn crew, her entire goddamn home village, vivi and half of alabasta, a billion enemies who got the right dramatic speech, children in need, random puppies, kaya, and pretty much everybody ever lbr.

look there are a million examples i can’t even think of all of them. and if i did this would get even longer, i’ve already embarrassed myself. 

the point is that she is a fucking self-sacrificing star who also happens to be the skilled navigator the crew wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without

so daily reminder that she is impossibly kind, brave, intelligent, skilled, and has canonically stated that there would be no point to having a ton of riches if she didn’t have her nakama to share it with. pls do not badmouth her. you do not have to like her because you can like or dislike whoever you want however.

and on top of that i am jealous of her beautiful orange hair 



Sometimes I just love drawing in Oda’s style… Especially when drawing Sabo because he’s mah precious blood lustful sadomasochist boy~